Hagiz, Jacob

   Palestinian scholar. He lived in various communities in Italy as a youth. In 1658 he emigrated to Jerusalem, where he became head of the Bet Yaakov yeshivah. He was an opponent of Shabbetai Tzevi. His writings include a commentary on the Mishnah, a study of talmudic methodology, and responsa.

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  • ḤAGIZ, JACOB — (Israel; 1620–1674), Jerusalem scholar. He was the son of Samuel Ḥagiz, who was rabbi of Fez, and son in law of moses galante . During his youth he resided in various communities in Italy. In 1658 he emigrated to Jerusalem, where he headed a… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Jacob Hagis — (or Hagiz) (1620–1674) was a Jewish Talmudist born of a Spanish family at Fez. Ḥagiz s teacher was David Karigal ( Ḳorban Minḥah, No. 105), who afterward became his father in law. About 1646 Ḥagiz went to Italy for the purpose of publishing his… …   Wikipedia

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